Tuesday, September 28, 2010

50 lb Limit

Let's talk about what everyone forgets: your enormous amount of stuff.

That's right. So enormous it doesn't even fit on my blog.

While dorm room shopping is the most fun thing you'll do preparing to go to college (not hard, since it's up against things like bursar bills and application essays), it does leave you with a truckload of stuff. Which is fine! When Dad brings his truck to move you in.

But what about when you fly home for the summer with a carry-on, a personal item, and two free checked bags? (If you're flying Southwest! Nix the either the checked bags or the free with any other airline.) Without a big truck bed, you're going to need to find a place to put all of that stuff.

Here are your options:
1) Pack it all in bags and fly it home.
This will be difficult for the obvious reasons: most airlines have severe restrictions on baggage. All carry on bags must be under 25 pounds, and checked bags must be under 50 pounds unless you want to pay even more money. However, if you're going this route, stay tuned for the "how to pack stuff that shouldn't fit in small areas into small areas" post. I'm sure it's coming.

(Obviously, if you're driving you won't have to worry about this. You could just cram it all into your car.)

2) Pack it all in boxes and ship it home. Though shipping can be expensive, it's probably cheaper than paying for a checked bag if you're not flying on an airline that gives you your baggage free. On the downside, there's always the chance of cardboard getting wet or lost or fragile things being broken.

3) Store it. This probably makes the most sense. Invest in some plastic storage tubs at your local Target so that no mice decide your winter coat makes a nice summer cottage and google search for storage units in your area. If you have friends who are out of state as well, offer to split the cost and the unit with them. There's no way you need as much space as even the smallest storage area will give you, so try your best to befriend the other out of staters! Or at least make this deal with them. It benefits them as much as you.

3andahalf) If you haven't managed to befriend the out-of-state students, but have a bunch of friends who live within a few hours of campus, ask them if you can give them some (or all!) of your storage stuff. If you split it up between people, it won't be too much. But don't be too hopeful! Remember, they already have to find spaces for all of their extra-long twin bedding and posters. Their parents are probably envisioning this:
Of course, if you throw money at them they might be more inclined to take your junk.

Just never as inclined as the Goodwill!

No but really, here's option number almost4: at the end of the year you'll have bunches of stuff you don't need anymore. Moving into an apartment? Donate your XL twin sheets. Your mini-fridge. Your dear old roommate. College students don't often have the resources to make a difference! This will be one time you do: take advantage of it.

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  1. ahhh I have this problem every break! Don't use the Uhaul down on Classen for a storage place...they're terribly inconsistent. I normally store stuff for the summer, and just fly two suitcases back and forth on break (1 carryon)